Sales Platform 

Eurokars - MINI

Target Audiences: 

30 – 40 (Male Audiences)  


To re-design a new experience in MINI Singapore Showrooms.


To help the sales team better understand the customer needs.


The Projects main objectives were to re-introduce a new type of showrooms experiences to the public. Working with a team of 5, we study and trying to understand from the customer point of views, which intense research was done on the field and interviewing with MINI user, to help better support the MINI sales team, we also try to interview the sales teams what they have been facing most of the time. After 8 months of research and devolvement, the team came up with the MINI ASP platform, which helps to sever both Customer and the MINI sales team.

Projects scoops

  • User Experiences 

  • User Interfaces