An end to a new beginning


Finally finishing up my personal website after working on the design for almost a month now. It took me awhile to finally launch this site due to a major mishap that had happened earlier this month. Losing my father was a roller coaster ride and it has been difficult in many ways. Now, the question often posed to me: What does "See" and “Saw” stand for? My Chinese name is 希(xī), “See”, it represents hope. I used to dislike my very own name as people kept making fun of it, right until I introduced myself as John. Few years down the road, a mentor of mine mentioned that the name 希, is actually very unique and I should embrace it.

I started to see important values of the name after using it as my artist name for awhile. It can mean different things in the Chinese language such as hope in the family and seeing what others couldn’t. It gave birth to a thought that everyone had a past, and that contributed to their present self. I “Saw” my inner, past memories as a child, merging with a stronger representation in the present, I hope that you can see the kind of fusion in my works and more to come in the future.

"We shouldn’t forget the past because its how we reach the present” - Seesaw (August 16’)